TRØNDELAG BILDENDE KUNSTNERE // Fjordgata 11, 7010 Trondheim, Norway // Tlf. 73 52 49 10 //


Trøndelag Bildende Kunstnere (TBK) is the professional organization for fine artists in the region of Trøndelag, and is linked to the national union, Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK), whose work aim to support the ideal, economical and social rights for professional artists.

Making sure the artists are being payed an artist fee when showing work is one of the acts of support. The work to expand possibility of receiving artist grants as well as fronting a broader understanding of contemporary arts is on going matters. The union is also actively working for the possibility to live and work as a contemporary artists anywhere in the country. It is important to offer enough studios and work places for visual artists, as well as a broad offer on cultural activities outside the central areas.

TBK has roughly 151 members showing broad knowledge within different fields of contemporary arts. The annual meeting is the organizations main organ. Here we vote for our members to take part in different tasks, such as representation in juries, evaluating artistic qualities within the region as well as on a national level.

Contact information:

Adress: Fjordgata 11. 7014 Trondheim, Norway.
Telephone: +47 73 52 49 10

The Chairman for TBK in 2011 is Stein Erik Hansen.

Every year TBK arrange Trøndelagsutstillingen – an exhibition for artists connected to Trøndelag. This exhibition operates with an open call, and aims to make sure it represents what is going on within the field of fine art by artists from this region. This exhibition is administrated by Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst (TSSK).

TBK is running Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst (TSSK), in collaboration with Norske kunsthåndverkere Midt Norge. TSSK has authority in art related questions, when consulting the officials on matters of commissions or buying art for public spaces. 

Application for membership

Membership in one of the regional organizations linked with NBK, happens by being judged on all levels of the artists skills. The criteria for membership are there to make sure the members of the organizations are all professional working artists. It is therefore important that the applicant has completed his/hers art education, or can show a substantial body of work as well as activity on a professional level.

The criteria for judging the applicants are:

• Education
• Artists activity
• Commisions
• Being bought by
• Grants
• Awards

Apply membership here.